How to Start a Business with the Help of a Business Coach.

Solve Business Problems; Increase Cash Flow; Increase Profits; Improve Your Bookkeeping System.

Make Your Life Easier with Help from Your Coach!

 Imagine Having Someone To Guide You Through the Steps Necessary To Make Your Business Profitable!

John Whiteley, CPA

John Whiteley, CPA

"Small Business Navigator, John Whiteley, CPA reveals the path to a successful business"

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Each Client learns how to set up his or her new business; each Client learns how to create and operate a bookkeeping system;  each Client learns how to understand financial statements; each Client receives one on one guidance on solving business problems; each Client discovers how to find the best accountant and lawyer.

Additional support available regarding the value of a business opportunity, negotiating a business purchase or sale; transferring data file to QuickBooks Online,  plus much more...

Every business person must be properly prepared when looking for financing, buying a business and knowing how  to operate a business successfully. Do you need a second opinion on an important business decision? Most business owners find it helpful to get sound business advice from a qualified independent source before risking their money.

I can help guide you with your business decisions. You are invited to apply for support and receive business coaching plus video training

If you become my Client, then I will do my best to help you succeed with your business venture. I know every business person needs qualified assistance in making his or her business profitable and you can be assured that I will be committed to helping you reach your goals.

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